Paket Wisata Green Canyon Pangandaran Murah 2019 2020

Paket Wisata Green Canyon Pangandaran
Paket Wisata Green Canyon Pangandaran

Paket Wisata Green Canyon Pangandaran Murah
Kami & Travel memberikan dan menyedikan paket wisata ke Green Canyon Pangandaran murah, paket tour ke Green Canyon Pangandaran murah, paket liburan ke Green Canyon Pangandaran murah baik untuk tahun! dengan harga murah dan berkualitas.

Berikut daftar harga & waktu untuk Paket Tour ke Green Canyon Pangandaran!:
Paket Tour Liburan Wisata Murah Green Canyon Pangandaran [ Lihat harga paket klik disini ]

Apa saja yang bisa dinikmati saat wisata ke Green Canyon Pangandaran? Berikut daftarnya:Tourist attractions in Pangandaran Pangandaran beach is not just, as we know Pangandaran is a regency in West Java who became one tourist destination and is quite popular among the tourists. If you are to Pangandaran, do not miss the following places.
1. Pangandaran Beach

Tourist Map Pangandaran

Pangandaran beach where tourism is quite popular in Pangandaran, the beach is divided into two: the West Coast and the East Coast so that you can see the sunset and sunrise in Pangandaran. West Coast Pangandaran suitable for swimming, while the East Coast Pangandaran if you want to play banana boat.
2. Pantai Batu Karas


Batu Karas beach Pangandaran

Batu Karas beach in the village of Batukaras, District Cijulang about 35 km from Pangandaran. Sloping beach with friendly waves waiting for you to visit. According to information obtained, the beach is very suitable to serve as a place to surf.
3. Pantai Batu Hiu

Batu Hiu beach in Pangandaran

Pantai Batu Hiu named as such because there are rocks that look at ocean he resembles a shark. The beach is located at Batu Hiu Ciliang Village, District Parigi, a hill is the right location to enjoy this beach from a height. To climb up the hill, you will pass through a shark-shaped gate.
4. Green Canyon

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Green Canyon Pangandaran

Green Canyon or Cukang Taneuh located at Kertayasa District Cijulang village, not far from the Green Canyon, there are Batu Karas. To reach the tourist locations should use a wooden boat that has been provided to visitors, along the way you will pass the river is green and beautiful scenery.
5. Pangandaran Waterpark

Pangandaran Waterpark

Pangandaran Waterpark has facilities such as the waterpark slides and so general that, located in the district Kalipucang. Waterpark is built on an area of ​​more than 10 hectares, you can also enjoy high rope and ATV play here.
6. Nature Reserve and Beach Pananjung

Pangandaran beach Pananjung

Pangandaran Nature Park, better known by the name of Pananjung Nature Reserve is home to flora and fauna such as Bull, Deer, Monkey and so here too there are caves you can visit. After that there Pananjung beaches that can be accessed through the nature reserve.

Paket Wisata Green Canyon Pangandaran