Jual obat kolesterol herbal Cara Cepat turunkan kolesterol

Best selling herbal cholesterol drugs lower cholesterol. High cholesterol or hypercholesterolemia is a condition where the level of cholesterol in the blood that exceeded normal levels. High cholesterol is very dangerous that can stroke and heart attack. That requires the cholesterol drug that is safe for the body and health. The best solution to lower cholesterol safely is consuming herbal cholesterol drug that is DragonNoni.

Jual obat kolesterol herbal Cara Cepat turunkan kolesterol

Jual obat kolesterol herbal terbaik turunkan kolesterol

What it DragonNoni?
DragonNoni is herbal medicine in liquid or syrup made from 100% Fruit Juice and Noni Fruit Dragon. There are so many properties and benefits DragonNoni among others to lower cholesterol, treat gout, stroke, heart disease, other chronic diseases as well as suitable for your daily health supplement.

Herbal Cholesterol Drug
No doubt the benefits of dragon fruit that has properties to neutralize the blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol. Then the noni fruit is also undoubtedly benefit as a process of healing and maintaining a healthy body. For that DragonNoni very fit and well and safe for treating and lowering high cholesterol.

DragonNoni has benefits and efficacy among others:
1. Lowering high cholesterol.
2. Destroy cholesterol in the body.
3. Lowering high blood pressure.
4. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.
5. Treating constipation and hemorrhoids.
6. Treating high uric acid.
7. Overcoming diabetes or diabetes.
8. Boost immunity.
9. and so forth.

DragonNoni advantages:
1. Safe DragonNoni in consumption
2. DragonNoni have permission BPOM official MOH RI TR 113 628 741
3. DragonNoni is a pioneer red dragon fruit beverages and noni in the world
4. The process of making DragonNoni supervised pharmacist who has more than 20 years in a multinational pharmaceutical factory.

What Price DragonNoni?
Price DragonNoni is: Rp 195.000
Minimum purchase of 2 bottles @Rp price 195.000, –
Purchase 8 bottles (1 box) price @Rp 100,000 / bottle
The purchase of 16 bottles (2 boxes) @Rp price 100.000 / bottle
The purchase of 24 bottles (3 boxes) @Rp price 100.000 / bottle
The purchase of 32 bottles (4 dus) @Rp price 100.000 / bottle
Purchase 40 bottles (5 boxes) @Rp price 100.000 / bottle
(Buy above does not include postage)

Where Can Buy Dragnoni?

Buy now Dragnoni just in:
34451-39 gas station
Jl. Prince Cakrabuana no. 201 Source
Cirebon 45 171
West Java – Indonesia
Telephone :
Telkomsel: 0821-27138546
XL: 0877-29672688
Indosat: 0815-64838168
WA: 0877-29672688
BB PIN. : D1148CAF
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://obatkolesterol.co.id

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