Sekolah Berasrama di Bandung Yayasan Pendidikan Al Ma’soem

Best boarding schools in Bandung and quality. You’re looking for a boarding school in Bandung? Recommendations for your school is Yayasan Pendidikan Al Ma’soem in the village Jatinangor, Bandung, West Java a best boarding schools in Indonesia.

Sekolah Berasrama di Bandung Yayasan Pendidikan Al Ma’soem

Sekolah Berasrama di Bandung Terbaik dan Berkualitas

For parents, the child’s education is the number one, the parents also did not hesitate to send his son to school in a big city in order to get an education and education facilities more complete and advanced than in their home area. However, there is a problem and became the minds of many parents that promiscuity of young children at this time are very worrying parents.

Boarding school be the best choice and the right taken by many parents to send their children to boarding schools. Many reasons or the background of parents choose boarding school for their child. Certainly with their parents helped schools and quieter will intercommunication their children are in fact far from the parents and can not at any time to monitor their children.

Some Reasons Why Choosing a boarding school in Bandung:

1. It is safer, because the boarding school certainly guarded by the managers of the hostel
2. Intercourse more controlled, because the dorm is certainly no rule that must be obeyed
3. More disciplined time, because certainly there are dormitory-hour special regulations
4. and so forth

Then Why Must Choose Yayasan Pendidikan Al Ma’soem?

Here’s why you should send your child in this school:
1. Complete Facility
2. Access to the school is very easy to be close to the exit toll Purbaleunyi
3. Public transport is readily available to get to the location of the school
4. Good quality public education and religious education
5. Have a boarding facilities are within walking distance to the school
6. Bathroom inside as well as beds, mattresses are available
7. Affordable Cost
8. Require Dhuhr and Asr in congregation
9. And others

Complete Facilities Yayasan Pendidikan Al Ma’soem between:

1. Supporting Academic consists of Bifiki Laboratory, Language Laboratory, Computer with internet facility and hot spot areas, Reference Library, Library Division, Multi Media Room, and Meeting (Meeting Room)
2. Space Student / Student consisting of Space Osis, BEM room, Multipurpose Hall (BSG)
3. Sports Turf consists of Dome (Futsal and Mini Soccer Field interlock floor to international standards) Field Volleyball, Football Field, Climbing Wall, Swimming Pool (separate male and female), Stone therapy
4. Supporting Others such as polyclinics, Cash Office Syariah BPR Al Ma’soem, BRI Bank Cash Office, Mini Market and Diner, cafe, catering, Confections, Vehicle Transfers, Bus Tours, Micro Bus, Ambulance, Bridge Crossing, Vehicle Parking Area motor, Vehicle Operations Primary and Secondary Education, and others.

How? Interests Register at boarding school in Bandung Best and Quality Education Foundation Al Ma’soem?

List Now! Call or Come Jump to:

Yayasan Al Ma’soem Bandung (YAMB)
Jl. Raya Cipacing No. 22
Jatinangor – Sumedang
Tel. (022) 7798204 – 7798243 to 7792448
E-mail: [email protected]

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