Toko Batik Online Beraneka Motif Terlengkap se-Indonesia

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Toko Batik Online Beraneka Motif Terlengkap se-Indonesia

Toko Batik Online Murah Lengkap Motif Batik Indonesia

Shop Online Offers Complete Batik Batik Indonesia
Variety style and color Batik is influenced by various foreign influences. Batik patterns are also a hallmark of the origin of batik. For example batik jogja will be different shades with solo batik and other areas. Initially, batik has a variety of patterns and colors are limited, and some shades should only be used by certain circles. However, coastal batik absorb various external influences yairu the influence of foreign traders and also the influence of the colonizers.

Batik bright colors like the red hue is influenced by Chinese culture, which also popularized the style of the phoenix. The influence of the European colonizers are shades of the flowers are in previously unknown to pribumu ie like tulips and also objects brought by invaders such as the building or carriage, including their favorite colors like blue. But Retain traditional batik coraknya well as still used in traditional ceremonies, because usually each style has a representation of each and their meanings as well.

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Aneka Batik Batik shop
PT Budhi Surya Sejahtera
34451-39 gas station
Jl. Prince Cakrabuana no. 201 Source
45 171 Cirebon regency, West Java, Indonesia
WA: 087729928943
HP: 0819099601747
BB Pin: 5C559FB2, 5B87172B

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