SMA AL MA’SOEM SMA Unggulan di Bandung

Featured in Bandung SMA best and qualified. You are looking for SMA Featured in Bandung? SMA SMA AL MA’SOEM are seeded in Bandung best and qualified. SMA AL MA’SOEM located at Jl. Raya Cipacing No. 22 Jatinangor – Sumedang Tel. (022) 7798204 – 7798243 – 7792448. SMA AL MA’SOEM established in 1987 with the school’s vision Excellence in Achievement, berakhlakul karimah, Disciplined.

SMA AL MA’SOEM SMA Unggulan di Bandung

SMA Unggulan di Bandung Terbaik dan Berkualitas

For those parents who want to send children I recommend you immediately enroll in high school MA’SOEM AL. Because this school has many advantages and characteristics different from other high schools, especially in Bandung. SMA AL MA’SOEM also has many achievements as Competition Winner giftedness Accelerated Learning Program for School Operator Acceleration Level West Java Province, Gaga Saluyu, Champion Tae kwondo Java-Bali in 2008, and many other achievements both at city / county level provincial and national level.

Excellence and Characteristics SMA SMA AL MA’SOEM Featured in Bandung, among others:

A. Use of Laptop & LCD Process KBM
1. Any process of teaching and learning in each lesson comes with the use of laptops and LCD, so that the learning that teachers produce effective and efficient learning.
2. Learning materials prepared teachers is very varied with their laptops and lcd media
Class B. Acceleration
Intelligent students can complete study travel time is shorter than the other students, which is 2 (two) years.
C. To Student Achievement Award
Facilities granted to:
1. Students are exemplary by kritria ahlak.
2. The Chairman of OSIS and MPK
3. Have a special contribution to the school based management considerations
4. Son daughter YPAM teaching staff and employees in accordance with the Group Ma’soem
5. Expressed need the help of appropriate recommendations visiting team Gathering
D. Require Dhuhr and Asr in congregation

Anything Provide Facilities What in?

Here’s existing facilities in Al Ma’soem Educational Excellence Foundation Modern Islamic Boarding School in Bandung:
1. Supporting Academic consists of Bifiki Laboratory, Language Laboratory, Computer with internet facility and hot spot areas, Reference Library, Library Division, Multi Media Room, and Meeting (Meeting Room)
2. Space Student / Student consisting of Space Osis, BEM room, Multipurpose Hall (BSG)
3. Sports Turf consists of Dome (Futsal and Mini Soccer Field interlock floor to international standards) Field Volleyball, Football Field, Climbing Wall, Swimming Pool (separate male and female), Stone therapy
4. Supporting Others such as polyclinics, Cash Office Syariah BPR Al Ma’soem, BRI Bank Cash Office, Mini Market and Diner, cafe, catering, Confections, Vehicle Transfers, Bus Tours, Micro Bus, Ambulance, Bridge Crossing, Vehicle Parking Area motor, Vehicle Operations Primary and Secondary Education, and others.

How Parents and prospective students? Interests enroll in high school SMA AL MA’SOEM Featured in Bandung? Do not bet your future with the school that is not clear! CLEAR AND SURE AL MA’SOEM Only SMA SMA Featured in Bandung

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Yayasan Pendidikan Al Ma’soem (YPAM)
Address: Jl. Raya Cipacing No. 22 Jatinangor – Sumedang
Tel. (022) 7798204 – 7798243 to 7792448

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